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This article will explain the 3 explanations why kettlebells work to remove cellulite. So you're probably wondering what these kettlebell things have to do with cellulite. Well I'm glad you asked!

how to get rid of cellulite at home

So let's look at the reasons why kettlebells get rid of cellulite. Now out of all research that I did I've come to the conclusion that there are 3 main reasons why kettlebells can easily reduce and obtain eliminate cellulite.

The first reason is that heavy weight training reduces cellulite. You can grab a can of peas and do bicep curls all day long and that i guarantee if you continue to do that each day (demonstration) day after day you will notice minimum improvement on your arms. Now something is better than nothing if you want to spend time at your desk at work and bicep curl a can of peas - feel free... however if you would like fast results in the shortest period of time, you need to lift heavy weights. So you may be now asking why don't you just go to the gym and lift weights, why use kettlebells?

Now this brings me to the second reason why kettlebells get rid of cellulite. The shape of the bell (for those who have a look at it closely - bring near to camera) it features a handle along with a "ball" like weight. The load of the kettlebell is distributed unevenly so when you use it and doing the movements you're actually using more muscles than you would be using when doing machine weights or other types of weight lifting in the club. It is because you have to use different muscles (ones that would not normally be used) to stabilise the weight. The more muscles you use, the more likely it's that you will trim down and obtain eliminate that unwanted cellulite. You'll be burning extra calories 24-48 hours after your workout!! The more calories you burn the higher fat loss, the greater you'll lower your cellulite!

Now to remove cellulite you need to do heavy weight training but you should also do cardio. Now I'm not sure in regards to you but when there was a piece of equipment in this world that will help me multi-task to complete these two movements together (in order to do all of it in half the time) I would rather use that than 2 different machines and also have to double my exercise time!

To give you a little insight about my own experience - initially when i first started exercising - Used to do what everyone else does - went to the gym, jumped around the treadmill, followed by the crosstrainer and a little bit of bike, then continued and did all of the weights I could learn how to use on a fitness center floor - and wound up spending 2 hours exercising - and most weeks I'd do this 3-4 times a week. Add that time together and I'd be spending 6-8 hours (almost an entire day) at the gym. Even though I noticed changes in my body system - I still had cellulite and to be honest - I'd no social life!